Congratulations! You just turned a great idea into an amazing new product line!  You are already selling to boutiques and local chains, but how do you take it to the next level? ”My Vendor” to the rescue!  We help start-ups succeed in the Retail Industry.

Specializing in Sales Representation within the Baby – Teen Market, and having launched wildly successful lines such as Boogie Wipes, we provide you with a variety of options to choose from to help you get quick results, without having to pay high broker commissions.

(Example: Average broker commissions run 3-15%.  A $6000.00 net sale from a Retailer could cost you to $300.00-$900.00 in commission)

We distribute your Sell Sheet and Samples to over 500 “Mommy Bloggers”, as well as Buyers at:

  • Target™, Disney™, Whole Foods™
  • Babies R  Us™/Toys R Us™
  • buybuyBaby™, Destination Maternity™, Motherhood Maternity™
  • Nordstrom™, Macy’s™, Baby Depot™
  • Airport, Cruise Line, and Upscale Hotel Gift Shops (Starwood™, Marriott™, MGM™, Bellagio™, Wynn™)
  • Walgreen’s™, Barnes and Noble™, CVS™, and Rite Aid™

Or, if you are not ready for the “Big Guys” yet, we promote your product to a targeted list of smaller Retailers and “dot coms” that you can easily manage.  Ask us for our “Are You Ready?” Quiz to determine your level of preparedness.

Get noticed!  Retailers and Bloggers look forward to our quarterly updates, alerting them to hot new products like yours!  Sell sheets are beautifully presented in our keepsake binder, while samples are sent in a “Hollywood Style” Gift Basket.

Walmart™ Broker Representation is available as well, in addition to professional, affordable Marketing Services and Sell Sheet Design.


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